Want fast results based on a method that is science based? We have done the thinking for you, just show up! All Group Training classes focus daily on specific muscle groups, giving you MAXIMUM results! We have Upper Body/Core, Lower Body Bootcamp ,Ass & Abs and Cardio Hiit! !


High Energy, Sweat Guaranteed Spin Class! Revolution Fitness will ROCK your workout with this intense indoor cycle class. Utilizing both rhythm based and Stages Flight to maximize your fun and results!
Don’t fret, we won’t neglect your upper body… Class includes an arm-burning workout! Try our Spin L1 for fundamentals and form!


Just like all our classes, our yoga is unique ! Yoga Flow is a fast paced Vinyasa class. Our Power Yoga is a heated class focused on sculpting and strength. Our Yin and Restorative Yoga is a slower paced, with longer streching poses. Want to play and go upside down? Try our Inversion Class where you can master that handstand. In Yoga Bootcamp, prepare to be challenged in this 75 minute class as we use weights, heat and power moves to get those muscles fired up!


Ever wanted a dancers physique? You can train like a dancer with this awesome class. Revolution’s Barre style class targeting glutes, abs and legs. Lets get toned and sculpted! Need to sweat? Try our Cardio Barre!


Gymnastics inspired movements to improve overall strength, flexibility and mobility. This class helps you master exercises like pull-ups, push-ups, handstands and dips and improve core strength like never before. Imagine your entire body doing the unimaginable! You don't want to miss this 60 minute butt-blasting class.


This class is like no other! Buddhi is a high energy, invigorating yoga practice that blends vinyasa, Kundalini, dance, plyometrics and cardio all in one class. Designed to ignite and empower your feminine energy (women only) while burning tons of calories!


Kick a** kickboxing class! Unleash your inner fighter and feel like a rockstar with this full body workout. This challenging and fun indoor/outdoor workout is designed to burn tons of calories, release stress while strengthening your mind and body!


Battle Ropes and Kettlebells aka Ropes and Bells! This 45 minute specially designed class of burning and building exercises with cardio bursts and dynamic movements that keep your body on the fast track to fit! Full body workout that will put the fun back in your fitness!